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Imagine being able to

  • interact with your clients, your colleagues, your team, easily and effortlessly to get the outcomes you want.
  • read someone in 5 minutes by using  words that inspire, light them up and motivate them into action.
  • have the confidence, self belief and tools to go after your goals with focus and embracing the full potential of who you are.

Unlock The Code to Success For You and Your Team

ESP is our Signature 3 Step System that lays down a code, a framework, for achieving success. This framework is  based on learning The Human Behavioural Code.

When you learn to read the code then you will notice how much easier and quicker it is to achieve results. You can move yourself and your team beyond the boundary conditions of your current thinking.

There are many subtleties to this, of course, but generally it is as straight forward as E.S.P!

The 3 Key Abilities of  E.S.P

E= Enter

The first key ability is to enter another person’s world, enabling us to appreciate where they’re coming from. A lot of people become unstuck here because they haven’t taken the time to explore their own view of the world.  Often times, we make assumptions of other people’s view’s based on our own. These assumptions can be detrimental to achieving success as our values, attitudes, experiences, decisions and beliefs all define how we view our world and affect our results.

S= Speak

The  2nd key ability is to speak their language in a way that not only makes sense, but also lights up, motivates, and inspires them into appropriate action. 90% of our behaviour is unconscious so understanding these forces enables you to communicate on purpose and utilise your language, verbal and non verbal, in a more powerful way.

P= Predict

The 3rd key ability is the ability to predict somebody’s strengths, weaknesses and actions by knowing what specifically to look for in their world.  And this is really the crux of it. To predict and “mind read” someone else’s actions and behaviour’s is a must for anyone dealing with decision makers.

When you learn the thinking structure and models we employ, then you can begin to decipher what’s going on. It’s just fascinating how, when you’re seeing code, when you notice a structure, when you know what’s going on in terms of behaviour, it’s just so much easier to manage yourself and others regardless of the constant change around you.


When you develop your ESP strategies then you discover:

  • another way
  • a new opportunity
  • a different door
  • a fresh approach
  • a better attitude

When you understand the code, you become more skillful in business.

  • If you’re in sales, it will help you tremendously to achieve  better results, stronger relationships and more success in business.
  • If you’re a leader our code will show you the categories of thinking and how to sort through areas of function and dysfunction in your organisation.
  • The code will help you fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle. So you can consolidate all your knowledge into an easy, manageable framework.

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