Our System

Think Say Do specialises in developing your ‘business intuition’ by learning the code. This code enables you to gain faster insights into your clients problems, to deliver a possible solution.  We call this system E.S.P and it covers the three key abilities of Emotional intelligence (EQ), Social intelligence (SQ) and Predictive Intelligence.

E.S.P  is a 3 Step System that allows you to determine what’s important, and what’s not. Then you can predict or mind read outcomes in a real-life situation using your ‘business intuition’– to get the results you want- FAST.

  • Irrespective of the other training you have received, we give you a framework and an approach by which you can use ALL your knowledge in a well structured, targeted and planned way.
  • We aim to give the missing pieces of the puzzle so you can consolidate all your knowledge into an easy, manageable and framework for success.
  • The E.S.P  system helps deconstruct areas of dysfunction and function in your business  so that you can create a framework for  your knowledge and skills to be leveraged.
  • The E.S.P  model of thinking impacts your relationships with other people, how you approach business, the success levels you reach, your level of satisfaction across all areas of your life.

You can apply our E.S.P Model to so many areas including:

Business growth strategies, innovation, process design, system design, people management
Leadership identification, development and management developing skills across communication, thinking, management,
Sales and marketing training and development clearly identifying how to better position your own business in the market and also      guide your client’s positioning in the market
Culture development through the facilitation of values, mission and vision that easily aligns the people, products/services,
business and community
Critical thinking, problem solving, and negotiation training and workshop development and delivery
Creative endeavours including writing, copy writing, design, program development, workshop, presentation format, speech
Positioning amongst a group of peers to help you stand out from the crowd and be heard

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