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About the Director: Marcia Raheb


Marcia Raheb has been working with media professionals for more than two decades now. Her commercial experience as a leader coupled with her coaching and mentoring skills have helped her develop a thorough appreciation of what really matters in business- people.

Marcia believes that whilst most of us are in the communication business, few of us are actually connecting. Or at best, we connect with those that we “get”.

Her signature training, ‘ESP’, is about learning a human behavioural code. You can”mind read” your clients, your colleagues and even your market when you apply this code. Sales becomes so much easier and conversions sky rocket.

She is an ICF Coach, an NLP practitioner and accredited consultant in Extended-Disc, one of the most powerful profiling tools available.

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Our Values are at the forefront of all that we do.

  • Growth
  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Passion
  • Wellbeing

Our Purpose

  1. We believe that if you are going to invest in training, it should be something that you can use everyday, in every way, is timeless and has long lasting change.
  2. We believe in this code that has been created from successes and failures, from experience and past reference points. The human behavioural code will help  your business,  your clients. your colleagues, your consumers and it will also help you personally too.
  3. We believe the more you can understand and manage yourself – the more success you will have in your life.

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